Chimneys, burners, glammBoxes and BIOETHANOL Andirons

Stoves and fireplaces with bioethanol fuel are ideal when looking for additional heat or, auxiliary heating combined with a chimney fire. This is the great peculiarity of this type of design heating, its ability to reproduce the conviviality of the flame. You can accessorize with the help of false ceramic logs without its weaknesses which are the production of soot, smells and fumes of all kinds: there is not necessarily a need for installation work to install a bioethanol fireplace at home. It attaches without an exhaust duct in just a few minutes, produces only water vapor and CO² without any risk of toxicity. One can hope, thanks to these decorative fireplaces, to have a fire at home without expensive work or request for prior authorization to the installation.

Bioethanol Fireplaces to lay