STA 405 MB 840 Fireplace

The Polyflam STA 405 MB 840 fireplace is a unique and patented heater that fits into all new fireplaces of all styles and will bring you ease of installation, thanks to its monobloc system, outlet connected to the home.

The STA 405 MB 840 fireplace allows you to have a high efficiency wood fireplace without glass.

Its continuous fire supplied with 50 cm logs will provide you with comfortable heat for 10 to 11 hours without any loss of heat thanks to its closing hatch that you will close when you use the low fireplace.

Polyflam is a double-burner concept, with one fire above for the enjoyment of the flame and the two below for power and efficiency.

A real device, 2 in 1, intended for fire lovers.
Thanks to this revolutionary concept, you can also cook on the cast iron plates, simmer, sear, grill … You will let your culinary emotions speak for themselves.

The STA 405 MB 840 fireplace allows all forms of cladding. Show Polyflam skins

Made of corten steel (shape memory) with a thickness of 4 mm, it has a 5 year warranty.

Sold for more than 35 years in nearly 200 points of sale in France and abroad, this 100% French product will amaze you with its ease of installation and use.

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The low fireplace has a power of 16 Kw and an efficiency of 77% which can heat an area of ​​150 m2 (according to standards and insulation) with the choice of three distribution principles; static, supply or extraction with the duct system for distribution throughout the house.


The high fireplace, meanwhile, will be the ornamental fire, the pleasure fireplace that will warm your eyes and your heart.

Additional information

Weight 305 kg
Dimensions 840 × 721 × 1755 mm

77 %

wood logs (cm)


Prolonged fire (h)

Heatable surface (m2)

150 m2

Weight (Kg)

Temperature moyenne des fumées

159 °C

Smoke outlet (Ø mm)