STA 407 Fireplace

The Polyflam STA 407 fireplace is a heater specially designed for all renovations of old fireplaces. It fits perfectly inside the hearths of old fireplaces, while retaining their charm and hearth cover.

The STA 407 fireplace allows you to renovate your old fireplace while providing it with the benefit of high efficiency with a power of 15 Kw.

The special feature of the Polyflam system is a dual focus system. The high hearth for the enjoyment of the flame and the low hearth for continuous fire and efficiency.

Its continuous fire, supplied with 50 cm logs will provide you with comfortable heat for 9 and 10 hours in continuous fire with the closing hatch closed, a double duct from the rear will allow the smoke to escape after the closing hatch is closed.

On the top hearth, you can grill or simmer your dishes on the cast iron plates like a stove.

Distributed for more than 35 years in nearly 200 points of sale in France and 12 export countries.

French production and manufacture. 5 year warranty.

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The low fireplace has a power of 15 Kw and an efficiency of 77% which can heat an area of ​​150 m2 with the possibility of a distribution of heat by pulsation thanks to its mini polygyre blower and its hot air outlets recessed at the bottom. of the plinth.

The firewood will be loaded with the two sliding plates in a very easy way.


The high fireplace, meanwhile, will be the decorative fire, the pleasure fireplace that will warm your eyes.

Additional information

Weight 285 kg
Dimensions 840 × 680 × 2470 mm

77 %

wood logs (cm)


Prolonged fire (h)

Heatable surface (m2)

150 m2

Weight (Kg)

Temperature moyenne des fumées

274 °C