Vinci Reno+ Fireplace

The Polyflam Vinci Reno + fireplace is a heater that fits into new fireplaces without limit of shape, which leaves room for your creativity for the cladding. For your fireplace, you can choose our range of Polyflam cladding, designed and manufactured by Polyflam or choose it for the renovation of your old fireplace.

It is a unique and patented system which allows to obtain a continuous fire with a high efficiency at the same time as the pleasure of the flame and for the cooks to make good cooked dishes and good grills.

These two cast iron plates allow you to switch from pleasure fire to continuous fire in complete safety.

Its continuous fire supplied with logs of 50 cm, will provide you with comfortable heat for 10 to 11 hours, without heat loss thanks to the trap hatch which remains closed when using continuous fire in the low fireplace.

Made of corten steel (shape memory) with a thickness of 4 mm, it has a 5 year warranty.

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The low fireplace has a power of 12.5 Kw and an efficiency of 81% that can heat an area of ​​130 m2 (according to standards and insulation in force) with three possible heat distribution modes, static, supply or extraction through a network of sheaths.


The high fireplace, meanwhile, will be the ornamental fire, the pleasure fireplace that will warm your eyes and your heart.

Additional information

Weight 243 kg
Dimensions 795 × 700 × 1685 mm
wood logs (cm)

Prolonged fire (h)

Weight (Kg)

Smoke outlet (Ø mm)